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Welcome to our Online Bottle Shop! Please find below a list of the current ciders we have for sale. We specialize in vintage, cellar-aged dry ciders that are naturally fermented, and are made with 100% freshly pressed juice. Our ciders are bottle conditioned, live, unfiltered, and unpasteurised. They contain no added sugars or sulphites.  Each year we produce several different vintages which vary greatly in flavour and style from tawny, tannic oak aged bittersweets to light dessert vintages reminiscent of white wine.


Unfortunately at this time we are only able to ship our cider within the UK.


We are away from the farm and are unable to post cider until we return.   Any orders received after the 7th of November will be posted the 1st week of December.   Thank you.

Bottles Currently Available:


2013 Flanders Cox 66 cl. Bottle 6% ABV– £6.00


A crisp single varietal cider made from Flanders Cox apples.  Cellar aged and bottle conditioned with a slight natural fizz.


2013 Vintage Dry 66 cl. Bottle 6% ABV– £7.00

This perfectly balanced blend of bittersweet & sharp apples marries rich, deep caramel notes with a pleasing tannic bite.



2013 Pear & Apple 66 cl. Bottle 6% ABV– £12.00


An exceptional oak aged cider made from a mix of dessert apples and pears. 


2013 Elderflower 27.5 cl. Bottle 6% ABV– £3.50


A lightly sparkling crisp and refreshing cider made with Flanders Cox dessert apples and infused with elderflower.


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